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Phoenix Basketball is one of the largest Basketball Clubs in the Ballarat Assocation, a Club who prides itself on always finding a place for any child who wants to play Basketball.  The Phoenix Basketball Club inc competes in the Ballarat Basketball Assocation domestic competition and provides opportunties for all Senior, Juniors and Social levels for both male and female players.  We currently have some 22 boys teams and 18 girls teams whilst having 12 senior Men's and Women's teams.  We have representation in most grades that are available, in all catering for appriximately 275+ players each season.  As a club we have an elected committee of 14 people.  We are equally pleased to advise that all teams have appointed coaches and team managers and whilst not always smooth sailing we are a Club determined to work hard for all our players and their families.  Our aim is to provide opportunities for all players to participate, develop and enjoy their basketball, regardless of their age or skill level.  We run a number of member type activities each season and a like all clubs run fundraising activities at different times throughout the year to continue to asssit us in meeting the ever increasing costs of participation.   So talk to any of our members and we are confident you will receive a warm response and be convinced in our capacity as a Club to be an effective, well run and well administerd.

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