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Presidents Report – AGM 2014


Welcome all to my last Presidents Report.


Firstly, I wish to reflect on my past 3 years as President and can say it has been more than interesting dealing with different personalities, opinions and characters.


My aim from day one was to provide growth for our club, which I can honestly say was hindered terribly with the Arch being placed offline for a long period. We spread over the three sites and must say am thankful for the patience and persistence of Coaches, Parents and Players.


To all Committee members serving under myself, thank you for your efforts – it is never easy to take on a voluntary role, especially to some who then get criticised heavily from those who do little.


During the last 3 years, we have seen Coaches including Eric Hayes, Kate Willey, Lidina Constable, Abbey Wehrung, Brad Cartledge, Kellie Wilson, Kim Gay, David Stuchbery, Leesa Kawa, Megan Hillas (apologies to any I have missed), which has created a solid core for our club to build upon. Combine this with over 30 Phoenix members completing the Level One Coaches Course, paid for by the club and it creates an environment conducive to growth.


To see our A Men and A Women be successful with the inclusion of a lot of ex-Phoenix Juniors, is a delight and a genuine passion I will hopefully assist with in the future. Unfortunately, the migration of Juniors to Seniors in basketball as a whole is at a standard which I grade as poor. I would like to think that this can be turned around with some effort.


Socially, our club has run, under my suggestion, a couple of social events each year, which I find genuinely delightful to see the word ‘Club’ extend further than a basketball game. I hope this continues.


Special thanks to two people – my wife for again following my passion in sport. To those who don’t know, Simone & myself are just as heavily involved in the Coronet City Cricket Club (if not more). Simone has on a couple of occasions achieved a ‘Best Club Person Award’ from the cricket club and whilst I am biased, I am sure she would be heavily vying for the same award if our basketball club presented one.

Secondly, to Phil Holmes who has turned our bank balance back to a target that he and I had discussed a few years ago – whilst money is not the be all and end all, it helps with my continual pursuit to provide development for each and every individual within the club. So special thanks to you, Tanker Holmes.


To finalise my report, I consider the Phoenix Basketball Club as the working man’s club where we do not deny any individual a game of basketball no matter, gender, religion, race or ability. I openly admit I have pursued more success within our club but believe this has occurred without a focus of winning over enjoyment. Being back at the Arch and with providing development Coaches every single night to players and Coaches, this will not only see our current playing group excel but I am certain will provide the basis of Phoenix moving to not only be the working man’s club but also a powerhouse within Ballarat Basketball.


Good Luck to all for the future.

Troy McCarthy

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